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Easy Methods For Lazy People To Maintain Their Skin In Winter

In the winter months, the skin is more than confused. In one minute it keeps hibernating, in the next it has to go outside the door, where there are minus degrees. The good news: four minutes is enough to give your complexion new radiance. Even with little time spent, you can maintain and pamper your skin. You do not need expensive creams and care products, but find the necessary items in your household or in the nearest grocery market. An apple helps with unclean and stressed skin.

Winter Care Tips

Clean The Skin

First of all, massage mild gel with the fingertips in circular motions, while not forgetting the neck. If the face is rinsed with water, the skin should then be cleaned with a toner. Due to its lime content, tap water unfortunately tends to dry out the sensitive face skin in addition.

Apply Serum

A few drops of your favorite serum are sufficient to maintain the skin depths effectively. These are applied to the chin, forehead and cheeks and then carefully tapped. In this way the blood circulation is stimulated and the product can work better.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Include Moisture

A small amount of moisturizing with your fingers warm up and gently pass from the middle of the face. First cream the cheeks and nose, then slowly work towards the chin, forehead and neck. In winter, if you want a skin care that quickly moves in, a fluid is the best choice.

winter skin care



If you really don’t feel like putting on makeup, a great red lipstick is also enough. You’ll be surprised how this simple trick makes your face look like you’ve applied a complete makeup.

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