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How To Care For Skin in Winter

Wintertime is a time for staying inside in the warmth and enjoying cosy fires, candles and generally just relaxing.Unfortunately, it is also a time for getting dull and lifeless skin which means that extra skin care is needed.

Winter is cold in most places and if you live in the high latitudes of the North or South it can be very cold indeed.The result of this cold is that the air is very dry outside, and equally dry inside due to heating.

Skin is also very stressed by the constant coming and going from inside to outside or from cold to warm and possibly cold again.This results in many people getting dry, flaky skin.

How to avoid dry skin in winter

Skin types vary but the five main types are a normal skin, an oily skin, a dry skin, sensitive skin (very dry) and a combination of these.

Probably the only skin that might not be affected by winter is an oily skin but of course summer can be a bad time for those skin types with sebaceous problems such as acne..

However, dry skin is a winter problem for most but nevertheless with proper care and attention a healthy, radiant skin is possible in wintertime.

Winter skin care tips

  • An obvious tip but most important is drink plenty of water. A healthy skin is the result of both internal and external treatment and hydrating is one way to help dry skin.
  • Use cleansers and exfoliaters to remove dry, scaly skin.
  • Moisturize more often than normal using good quality gentle oil-based moisturizers which give a protective screen. Best results are when you add to a damp skin thereby locking in moisture.
  • Avoid those long, relaxing soaks in a hot bath as whilst it feels good and makes our skin soft and supple it also makes the skin drier. Use a bath with cooler water or a not-too-hot shower instead.
  • Humidify the air in your home either by using a humidifier or alternatively you can place a bowl of water next to or on a radiator to reduce the dryness in the air which is also good for throat and lungs.
  • Use sunscreen even though it is winter as UVB and UVA rays are still there even if its cold, plus reflected light from snow doesn’t help either.
  • Protect your lips – use lip balm.
  • Protect your hands which has very thin skin – use gloves outside and hand cream inside.
  • Take off make-up at night
  • Try not to rub or pull your skin – pat it dry instead.
  • Make sure you get your beauty sleep!

Those are a few tips that should help you have healthy skin through the winter.

Nutrition and healthy skin

Added to this is the old saying “You are what you eat” and this takes us to the subject of nutrition.

To gain full benefits for your skin it helps to eliminate as much sugar from your diet as possible which means avoid sodas, energy drinks and juices.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables which will give you antioxidants and vitamins.

If you have difficulty because your situation does not allow it then a good quality supplement from a reliable source can help greatly.

One last comment concerning skin products at any time of the year is to think about the type of skin product you are using.

Whatever you put on your skin will be absorbed into your bloodstream and it is wise to avoid questionable chemical products containing parabens, fragrances (artificial chemicals) and allergens.

Once again find a reliable and ethical supplier of natural skincare products.

Good luck with your winter skin treatment.

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