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Best skin care secrets from beauty experts

Everyone wants beautiful and radiant skin but it takes a lot of effort to get it. Women around the globe have shared their skin care secrets. A healthy and proper diet is one of the ways to get glowing skin. For more awesome tips read on.

Milk is the way to go: When you take bath, add 2 to 3 cups of milk in water. This is the secret of glowing skin of French women across the globe. Milk contains lactic acid that makes your skin soft and smooth.

Rose water for a glowing skin: Women in Bulgaria clean their face with rose water daily. It keeps their face glowing and clean. And they eat yogurt for keeping their skin healthy.

Skin care using pearl powder: Women in china use pearl powder to keep their face radiant and clean. They also use rice water to clean their face because it helps in removing oil and dirt from the skin.

Grape beauty mask: Grapes are delicious and has numerous health benefits. Women in Chile use grape paste as a beauty mask. They apply grape paste on their face for glowing skin. You can also make grape paste by adding a bit of flour in it. It works great for skin.

Sandalwood is the beauty secret of Indian beauties: Indian use sandalwood with water, milk or rose water as a cooling mask. It helps in cleaning of skin.

Potato cleansing agent: Potato act as a cleansing agent for your skin. It also helps in removing eye bags and keeps your skin fresh. Cut some slices of potato and put them in water in refrigerator and apply on your face anytime.

Take bath in sake: Women in Japan take bath in sake. Just like you add milk in water for in bath water, you can also add sake. It helps in enlightening of skin and remove aging spots.

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