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Beauty Myths And What’s Really Up To Them

We tell you which home remedies really help and which are more than nonsense.

Carrots Act Like A Suncream

No. Carrots or the beta-carotene contained therein do not protect against sunburn, nor do they help to become brown. This natural UV protection is created by the sun! However, the damaging effects of free radicals, which occur during the sun and the connective tissue, can be slowed down. Beta-carotene is a radical catcher.

Lemon Juice Plus Sun Makes The Hair Blonder

Atmospheric oxygen in combination with UV radiation oxidizes in the hair which brightens up, however it is permanently strained and still bleaches only minimally. The fruit acid as conditioner on the other hand has an astringent effect. The cuticle closes, the hair shines-and appears blonde.

The Fatter The Night Cream, The Better The Skin

If you have a fatty skin, it only breeds pimples. In case of dry skin, much fat is important-especially after cleaning. And also during the day a rich night cream on ice cold winter days can be a good protection.

Chocolate Makes Pimples

Chocolate makes you happy. Because it stimulates the distribution of happiness hormones (serotonin). Those who bloom after the snack should clarify whether, for example, an allergy to the nuts is present in delicious nut chocolate.

Hot Wraps Help Against Cellulite

Because of the heat, the body loses only water. Moreover, cellulite tends to be a broom traveler (sign of a connective tissue weakness) which is aggravated by heat. And by the wide position of the vessels, even more tissue water can be bagged in the connective tissue/fatty tissue. The cellulite gets worse.

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Against Pimples Yeast Food

The vitamins from the B-group can even aggravate acne, whether yeast is taken or comes to the skin. Zinc is better. The mineral acts internally-against inflammation and externally as a paste, because it dries out the pimples.

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