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5 Most Common Make Up Mistakes

Women and make-up have seldom been apart. From ancient traditions to new age fashion, make-up continues to be an integral part of a woman’s regimen.However, it hurts to see women going all wrong with their make-up. It a bid to make themselves more attractive they end up slathering makeup in the wrong way that has disastrous consequences. Here are some common mistakes and solutions to rectify them:

Foundation Facade

This is perhaps the most common of all mistakes. You might be taking enough care to spread the foundation all across your face evenly. But do you proceed to the neck area? Most women dap on ample amounts of foundation on their faces and leave out the neck area completely. This results in a ‘two-tone’ effect where your face looks one shade and your neck another. And there ends all the pursuits of making yourself up.

Always choose a foundation that matches your natural skin tone, not a shade lighter not a shade darker. Remember, foundations are not to lighten your skin tone; rather it is used to provide an even tone all across your face covering any discoloration, scars or marks. Make sure you apply it over your neck as well so as to give a consistent look.

Blush Blast

You have to be in love to blush without any reason. For others, they need to use cosmetic blushes. However many women tend to actually color their faces with blush and that makes them look nothing better than walking clowns.

The right way to apply blush remains unknown. Apply blush on your face before any other color. All you need to do is look into the mirror and smile and brush on color on the apples of your cheeks.

Monster Mascara

Thick eyelashes are every woman’s fantasy. But going aboard with the mascara application is not the solution. Piling on mascara on your lashes will only lead to monster eyes that look anything but natural.

The solution lies in your selection of mascara. Choose good quality lengthening mascara that curls your lashes and separates each strand. Apply maximum two coats of mascara and that will be more than enough.

Lineless Eyeliner

Lining the lower lids of your eyes just creates a droopy look altogether and nothing else. Just never make the mistake of lining only the lower lids of your eyes. Eyeliner should be applied to both the upper and lower lids to give a bright look to the eyes.

Melting Make-up

The most dangerous of all, melting make-up on you makes you look like a walking piece of abstract art. You might be kick-starting your day with vibrant colors and confidence. But it’s no use if it all runs down by the middle of the day.

In summers avoid applying moisturizer beneath your make-up lest it begins to oil off. Rather use an oil-free formula as a base before you start your make-up.

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