Benefits of Acai Berries

Antioxidants (and other health) attributes.

Several studies have been done on the berry’s ability to increase the body’s ability to fight aging and disease through a powerful boost of acai sourced antioxidants. These studies have shown that:

1. The acai fruit might help the body handle inflammatory and autoimmune diseases better, by reducing inflammation.

2. The acai might help to reduce the symptoms and severity of allergies

3. The acai extract has antioxidants properties there are twice that of the powerful blueberry and ten times more than that of red grapes, which are themselves a powerful source for antioxidants

4. The berry is comprised of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and other advantageous qualities that help the skin refresh itself, help the body fight disease and keep the body’s disease fighting abilities on high alert.

What isn’t identified yet, and what’s still being examined, is how much of the acai berry is in reality absorbed by the body. So while scientists know that we can benefit from the berry, they aren’t sure to exactly what degree we benefit from the antioxidants.

Acai berry benefits for weight loss.

Acai is known for its weight loss benefits. Some studies have shown that this Amazonian fruit can increase the rate at which the body burns fat, which helps to facilitate weight loss.

The Brazilian fruit contains a natural mix of omega fatty acids, which aren’t produced by the body. In order to get them, we must add them into our diets or take supplements. But these berries contain these fatty acids, so adding the berry to the diet ensures that we get these fatty acids.

Fatty acids help the body burn fat quicker, thereby speeding weight loss. The acai fruit also naturally contains fiber and amino acids, both of which are necessary for weight loss. Studies have shown that this riveting mix of compounds can lead to better and faster weight loss.

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