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Why Hormones Are One Of The Main Causes Of Acne

This applies to adolescents in puberty as well as adults. In this article you will learn more about the hang of acne and hormonal changes that especially encounter women. Hormonal fluctuations or the altered sensitivity of sebaceous to circulating androgenic hormones (e.g. during puberty or the menstrual cycle) lead to an increase in the production of horn cells and sebum production. This forms the basis for the growth of bacteria, which eventually cause the visible inflammation.

What Causes Acne?

While the hormone levels in men are oscillating over the years, it continues to fluctuate in women. Especially at the age of 20 to 40 years and then once again during menopause, women are particularly susceptible to hormonally triggered acne.

Pregnancy not only has a great impact on a woman’s life, but also on her hormonal level. The hormones literally play crazy. And that may also have consequences for the skin. Almost half of all women, at least at times, get acne problems during pregnancy.

Of the androgens, the dihydrotestosterone (resulting from the conversion of testosterone) acts 10 times more strongly on the receptors of the sebaceous glands. The sensitivity of the receptors is also genetically determined. That explains why some people have pure skin, no matter what else they do. Measuring the hormone levels in the blood alone is not meaningful either, as the individual sensitivity of the receptors is decisive.

Causes and Treatment of Acne

Very often, acne in women are associated with the phase of the menstrual cycle. The skin is very easy to respond to a change in the amount of blood steroid hormones. It is linked for 2-5 days before menstruation to their sudden appearance. And if some of it is limited to just a few minor pimples, then women with a predisposition to acne makes the situation much worse.

By the formation of teenage acne,are young people also committed by the same hormones. Increased concentrations of androgens stimulate active sebum production, leading to a constipation of the sebaceous glands. It is worth noting that the level of androgens during adolescence is not only for older ones, but also for teenage girls. To get rid of hormonal acne should not only maintain the perfect skin and adjust your diet. In this situation, this is not enough.

To get rid of acne and getting smooth and dull skin requires more drastic measures. It must be investigated by a gynecologist, endocrinologist, as well as with the help of laboratory tests to determine the trigger acne in your particular case hormones.

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