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Basic Solutions To Prevent Acne

Impure skin, pimples and blackheads often scratch the self-esteem of those affected. Especially adults don’t want to get around and often do the wrong thing. Scratching or expressing. The causes of prevent acne are hard to control, but they can be prevented as follows: regular cleaning instead of aggressive cleaning , advice from a specialist, stress avoidance can help to make annoying pimples eliminate.

Do Not Press On Pimples And Blackheads

Do not squeeze pimples and acne. Even beauticians only remove non- skin impurities. When expressing, bacteria are distributed on the skin, and other pimples can occur. In addition, inflamed pimples can leave visible scars. Keep the affected areas clean and apply antibacterial solutions.

Avoiding Stress

In the case of stress, you feel not well in your own skin; the proverb is very true. The stress hormone stimulates the production of fat and testosterone, which cause more pimples to sprout. Relaxation exercises in between, therefore, help not only your own well-being, but also your skin.

Care To Adjust Ph-Value Of The Skin

It is best to care for water-containing products, light oil in-water emulsions or hydrogels. The product should be adjusted to the ph value of the skin, so the antibacterial effect is also given.

Quit Smoking

The relationship between smoking and acne could be proven scientifically. It is very likely that smokers tend to develop acne rather than non-smokers. Smoking also reduces the blood flow to the skin and allows it to age more quickly. Quitting smoking should be sought in any case in the sense of improved skin health.

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Drink Green Tea Every Day

Green tea is always considered as a healthy drink. It contains a lot of antioxidants that can prevent numerous illnesses and can make good use of acne sufferers. Green tea has proven to have a very positive effect on inflammation, blood sugar and insulin resistance. Thus, it affects several causes of acne.


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