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Acne, Pimples and Stress Hormones

Especially in times of increased emotional stress, anger, strong tension, excitement and increased pressure, acne sufferers are seeing an increase in inflammatory acne effect.

Stress Is the Most Important of All Acne Causes

The important antibacterial shield of the epidermal corneal barrier is increasingly disturbed. The distribution of the body’s own antimicrobial substances decreases rapidly.

Acne is the world’s most commonly encountered form of all acne disease images. 80 percent of all adolescents and 25 percent of adults are affected. An alarming result!

Acne and Stress

In particular, the increase of the subjective stress level in test stress phases and acute occupational pressure and accompanying factors such as lack of sleep and change in dietary habits will result in increased pain intensity and a noticeable slowdown in the wound healing observed.

Acne and Stress

The skin as our largest body organ gives you important conclusions about your physical, mental and mental well being. Persistent emotional stress conditions in family life and everyday work inevitably lead to disturbances of metabolism. To deal with stress, the body pours out more steroid hormones. Cholesterol derivatives from the adrenalin glands.

How Stress Affects Acne

An elevated level of stress hormone disrupts the transport of the body’s own antibiotics into the skin, the production of antimicrobial proteins decreases and the bacterium Streptococcus pyogenes spreads.

Sure, who smokes, hurts himself and his environment. Smoking is also harmful from the skin’s perspective. By smoking, the skin not only ages faster with visible wrinkles, it is also poorly bleeding and often heavily horned.

acne effect

Relevant dermatological study results come to the conclusion that there are differences in the composition of the sebum in smoker skin. Compared to healthy non smoker skin.

Besides the stress of everyday life, one’s own psyche also plays a role. For example, if you are often nervous or tense in conversations because the thoughts are constantly on your pimples, your stress level increases. Additionally, in tense and stressful situations, it is easier to scratch your acne and cause further inflammation.

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