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Acne Medications For The Treatment

Every human being has practically pimples. Anyone suffering from acne as a teenager or adult may be treated differently depending on the severity of the disease. Simple rules in everyday life help the skin.

Acne Medications, Treatments

Those affected should use ph-neutral and perfume-free soaps and wash lotions. Aggressive cleaning agents damage the skin. Do not apply oils and fats to the cleaned skin, but a water-based moisturizer. If medications are the cause of an acne, it is only possible to discontinue the medication if it is feasible. In all other cases it is said to wait. It is quite possible that the acne only blooms briefly and then goes back by itself.

In case of mild acne a corresponding skin care is sufficient. In case of medium-strong to pronounced discomfort, the skin is first treated externally. If that is not enough or if the acne complains are very strong, drugs are added which are used, which means that they act on the whole body.

In the case of acne, antibiotics are used locally, unlike usual in medicine. They are directed against the propionibacterium and should always be used in combination with other medications.

Prescription Medications for Acne

For women there is the possibility to take the birth -control pills. The included female sex hormones such as estrogen counteract the acne with triggering male sex hormones (androgens). Even antibiotics can relieve severe acne. The vitamin A-acid derivative isotretinoin can help in severe acne problems. Women must be sure that they are not pregnant during and to three months after ingestion, because isotretinoin can harm the unborn child. If a mother breastfeeds, she must not take isotretinoin either. The preparation prevents excessive sebaceous.

acne medications

Various acne medications can dry the skin and mucous membranes, increase blood lipid levels and in rare cases cause joint and muscular discomfort.

 Acne scars can be treated by exfoliating, grinding the skin, as well as injections of collagen and using cortisone.


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